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Healthy Systems in the Church (MV1)

This Missional Vitality resource is designed for church leaders and provides five “mini-lessons” on promoting healthy systems in the church. Each lesson includes a short video lesson, group exercises and optional activities. The lessons are as follows: Systems Introduction, Relational Systems, Anxiety and Triangles, Clear/Curious/Connected, and Corporate Spiritual Practices. It is recommended that the lessons be done in order, as each builds upon each other. These lessons can be engaged during regular leadership meetings (one per meeting) or can serve as an intensive systems retreat.
  • Lesson One: Introduction to Systems
  • Lesson Two: Relational Systems
  • Lesson Three: Anxiety and Triangles
  • Lesson Four: Clear, Curious, Connected
  • Lesson Five: Corporate Spiritual Practices
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed