Love Mercy Do Justice

Antiracism Discipleship Pathway 2.0

A yearlong discipleship pathway full of personal assessments, books, films, videos, spiritual practices, and praxis exercises that will facilitate your spiritual growth, and deepen your understanding of and commitment to racial righteousness. The ADP is organized thematically and in conjunction with racial/ethnic heritage months. As such, it connects you to the lived experience and purposeful narrative of your Covenant sisters and brothers, offering substance to the fifth “P” of The Six-fold Test for Multiethnic Ministry. Finally, the ADP affords a unique opportunity to build community and a more robust fellowship with your ministerial peers who are also on a journey to love God and neighbor more faithfully.
  • Independent Work (July)
  • First Gathering (August)
  • Second Gathering (September)
  • Third Gathering (October) Latine Heritage Month
  • Fourth Gathering (November) Indigenous Heritage Month
  • Fifth Gathering (December)
  • Sixth Gathering (January)
  • Seventh Gathering (February) Black History Month
  • Eighth Gathering (March) Women’s History Month
  • Ninth Gathering (April)
  • Tenth Gathering (May) AANHPI Heritage Month
  • Eleventh Gathering (June)
  • Final Gathering (July)
  • Optional Gathering (August)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed