Love Mercy Do Justice

Antiracism Discipleship Pathway 1.0

The Antiracism Discipleship Pathway (ADP) is a comprehensive, yearlong program designed to deepen your understanding of racial righteousness through a series of personal assessments, books, films, videos, spiritual practices, and praxis exercises. Organized thematically around racial/ethnic heritage months, the ADP connects participants with the lived experiences of their Covenant sisters and brothers, enhancing communal bonds within the faith community.
  • Independent Work (July)
  • First Gathering (August)
  • Second Gathering (September)
  • Third Gathering (October) Latine Heritage Month
  • Fourth Gathering (November) Indigenous Heritage Month
  • Fifth Gathering (December)
  • Sixth Gathering (January)
  • Seventh Gathering (February) Black History Month
  • Eighth Gathering (March) Women’s History Month
  • Ninth Gathering (April)
  • Tenth Gathering (May) AANHPI Heritage Month
  • Eleventh Gathering (June)
  • Final Gathering (July)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed